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Summer Means Farmer's Markets!

Millarville Farmer's Market is open for business and we are there to sell coffee, hear all your latest jokes, and where you can play "Stump The Roaster".  Easily done as it happens...The market is open from 9AM to 2PM Saturdays and is worth the trip!
The Coffee Of The Month hails from Ethiopia (birthplace of coffee!) and is called Sidamo Guji Natural.  It is medium roast bringing syrupy fruit, marmalade, rosé wine and perfumed aromatics.
We are still holding on to the Colombia Peaberry because of it's sweet aroma and lovely smooth body.

Should you like to return the bags (we reuse all packaging) please leave them flat and the tops intact (we do not seal them).  This careful handling will ensure that they are not unceremoniously directed to the landfill and thereby can be refilled with the appropriate bean.

Deadline for the week's orders is Monday at 5:00 PM - late orders are difficult to accommodate and we speak glowingly of those who order early...

Although we have not moved, our post office has.  If you would like to send us money, post cards form far-away lands, and love letters, please address them to:

128260 - 2239 DRIVE WEST
T1S 3E9