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  • Mar27

    April Coffee Of The Month!

    The Cuba Serrano is grown in the Sierra Range where the Cuban Revolution started so it is no accident that this coffee offers an intense experience although it also has a sweet aroma, evocative of honey and brown sugar. Whilst the initial taste is rich and smoky, there's a mild,...

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  • Mar05

    The Old Coffee Switcharoo

    So there was an accident on the Cocahala (sp?) this past week and our Cuba Serano was in the middle of it so we have the Uganda Bugiso for our Coffee Of The Month instead!Hope you like it and I will keep you posted when the Cuba finally arrives.Cheers and...

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  • Feb28

    Next Coffee Up!

    Cuba SeranoWe've had this one before and it was so popular that it is back for a second try.  Smooth and uncomplicated in a medium roast with medium body and acidity. Perfection in a cup.Coffee Shop LingoThe next time you're in a fancy schmantsy coffee shop, order a "Cortado" (short)...

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  • Jan11


    Colombia NariñoThis is a single estate coffee from Flor Del Campo grown in the deep south at 2100 metres. It is flavourful with some berry notes in a medium roast.  Carlos's favourite.

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