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  • Jan05

    Weeee're Baaaack!

    Our intention is to get up from the floor where we have been trying to find our lost incentive to be productive and the willpower to leave the rest of the Christmas goodies alone. Yes, the time has come to start Rosie The Roaster up and get down to coffee...

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  • Dec27

    Closed for the holidayzzzzz!

    As I write this, fingers sticky with plum pudding hard sauce and bloated belly propping up the laptop, I think of your coffee needs and it dawns on my fuzzy, chocolate addled brain that you may be pondering upon our return to the roasting room.  First roast and delivery will occur for the week...

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  • Dec02

    More research...

    It is truly remarkable how many studies about caffeine and its effects are researched.  The University of Waterloo just published a report about the improvement of visualization and motor skills in participants that consumed caffeine versus those that did not.  I need a retroactive grant from the government because my...

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  • Nov29

    Eeeps! 4 More Weeks Until Christmas!

    Looking down at the barrel of the Festive Season's gun, we are standing, knees bent and ready.  Hear ye Hear ye! Place your order early and get organized. Our hard deadline before Christmas is the 20th December but we get all mushy inside when you place orders early for any week's roast...

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