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  • Nov21

    Well, the time has come Rosie The Roaster said...

    Yes, it is about time for me to get the heck out of the way so that new blood (owners), along with the crew - Kelly, Bruce, and Larry, can take the helm and make Crickle Creek Coffee everything it should be.  The new owners bring quality coffee creds from...

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  • Oct13

    Summer 4ever!

    Where are we?  Feels like California but looks like fall in Alberta...Old Man Winter seems to be held up at the jet stream border, unable to cross over into our territory surely due to expired documents or some such oversight.  Meanwhile, here we are in LaLa Land frolicing and traipsing...

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  • Jul21

    Vaca Notice!

    We are closed from July 22nd to August 7th for Vaca and Rosie The Roaster maintenance! 

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  • Jun30


    It is time to relax with pulp fiction novels, G & Ts on the deck, and croissants for breakfast in the land of Parlez-vous dingdong.  Yes, Feisty Heroine and Big Red are heading into the wilds of Quebec. We will be shutting down for a well deserved break from July 22nd to August...

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