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  • May25

    Yikes! The Grass Is Riz!

    There is but a brief window in this season to hustle around, racing against the short summer clock to get the gardening done. And we might not even have time to clean the dirt under our nails nor pry the trowel from my claw-like grip before we have to turn...

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  • May04


    Break out the Bain Du Soleil and sun-tan reflectors because we're on the brink of at least 4 days of spectacular weather!  Before you don the bikinis and speedos, place your order for next week's coffee because that vitamin D can really space out a tanner.The Coffee Of The Month...

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  • Apr28


    The grip on Winter is holding like a reluctant ex-lover who cannot abide by the words: "Can't we just be friends?" We are going to ignore it as it lurks around the roasting room in hopes that it may release it's formidable grip and coffee roasting will continue as if...

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  • Apr16

    Easter Eggs in the Snow...

    A hot cup 'o joe might be the order of the weekend whilst hiding the wee eggs in these frigid temps. The Coffee Of The Month is the famed Uganda Bugiso Organic hailing from Sipi Falls producing a coffee boasting a satiny body and ripe stone fruit tones with a...

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