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  • Sep17


    Back by popular demand is our pal Nic! Yes, he is great company first thing in the morning and puts a satisfied smile on our coffee smeared faces. He is smooth and buttery with a good body (buff, he is!) in a medium roast.

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  • Aug05

    Hi Honey, We're Home!

    Yes Vacation is always a good thing but so too is coming home and roasting for all you lovely people.That and maybe detoxing and just saying "Non!" to more pain au chocolat.We'll be too busy with orders to search out the best croissants to be found in Calgary anyway.

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  • Jul23

    Vaca and Roaster Maintenance!

    We are now closed for roaster maintenance and Vaca! We will be back in the roasting room and delivering for the week of August 12th.  See you then!  

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  • Jun04

    Colombia Finca El Silencio!

    Let's go to Colombia!This bean comes from the first farm I visited in Colombia situated at the top of a precipitous dirt trail.  This road was probably featured in the show: "The Most Dangerous Roads In The World" and I mutely clung to the sides of the open jeep the whole...

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