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  • Feb11

    Rwanda Inzovu, CCCCold Weather Coffee!

    We have a new hero in town to save us from the nasty Polar Vortex:RWANDA INZOVU This delightful bean hails from small growers (less than a quarter of a hectare on each farm) in the Kigali Province. They cultivate Arabica coffee, almost exclusively of the bourbon variety and in 2008 the...

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  • Jan07

    Uganda Bugiso Organic

    Allow us to introduce for the Coffee Of The Month the Uganda Bugiso Organic from the Sipi region of Eastern Uganda.  We will roast it medium and it boasts all kinds of lovely nuances such as: full body with woodsy hints of sandalwood and cedar, clean, rich, and fruity with a touch of sugar-coated...

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  • Dec31

    Weeee're Baaaack! 2021 Here We Come!

    The time has come to get out of the rummy eggnog pool and roll our chocolate and shortbread smeared selves on over to the roasting room to get your orders to your door. COFFEE OF THE MONTHCOLOMBIA SUNSHINE YELLOWWe are delighted to offer an exclusive Coffee Of The Month and a...

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  • Dec17

    Thanks for the memories!

    We are now closed until January 2021 - so any orders placed will be delivered for the week of January 6th. Thank you so much!It's been a year and if COVID was a coffee roaster, ... fill in the blanks...She would be smoked out?  She would be burned? She would have run...

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