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  • Aug17


    It looks like we've been missed so we're putting our tennis rackets away, brushing the sand from our hair, and replacing the bathing suits for work wear. From here on in, it's serious roasting business although we'll do it sporting a nice tan while telling salty tales from the antics...

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  • Aug05


    Any orders placed will be delivered during the week of August 21st.Cheers and thanks.Nancy, Kelly, Bruce and Larry

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  • Jul06

    Summer Vaca, Summer Market, Coffee Of The Month, oh my!

    So much to keep up with in summer and we are introducing a new Coffee Of The Month (well, we've had it before but...). Hailing from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia (birthplace of coffee!) we have a complex and sweet smelling bean bringing syrupy fruit, marmalade, rosé wine and perfumed...

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  • Jun29

    Summer Means Farmer's Markets!

    Millarville Farmer's Market is open for business and we are there to sell coffee, hear all your latest jokes, and where you can play "Stump The Roaster".  Easily done as it happens...The market is open from 9AM to 2PM Saturdays and is worth the trip!The Coffee Of The Month hails...

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