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  • Jul26


    With hints of milk chocolate, raisin, and lime this bean is fun and flavourful in a medium roast.HONDURAS FTO MARCALA COOPERATIVA RAOS SHG EP is sourced by Cooperativa Regional Mixta de Agricultores Organicos de la Sierra (RAOS), an association with 200 members who produce coffee on small family-owned farms in...

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  • Jul12


    Let it not be said of the coffee roasters that once the last order was fulfilled and they ran gleefully from the shop doors heading towards summer vacation pleasures, they would forget all about their loyal customers.  We have sunned and swam and partied with the rellies but are eager...

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  • Jun27

    Check Marks

    Last Delivery made today before 2 week holiday...check!Yes, we are now on leave from the usual roasting, delivering, and amusing ourselves with customers and office coffee people for 2 weeks.  Next roast for deliveries will be on the 17th July.  Go ahead, place an order, we'll deliver it that week!Happy...

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  • Jun07

    Colombia Peaberry, Millarville Market, Vaca Notice!

    The revered Colombia Peaberry is making it's way to us this week and will be the new Coffee Of The Month for June.  We are of course delighted because it is sweet and smooth with a lovely spice and aroma in a medium roast.  It had an honoured place in...

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