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  • Aug08

    Colombia Los Mandarinos, Vaca Notice!

    So much to say!Hear ye Hear ye! Yes, it is time to think of things un-coffee like swimming, tennis, biking, and generally harassing the family.  We will be shutting down from the                    23 August to the 9th September so hard deadline for orders...

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  • Jul04

    Coffee Of The Month

    We are roasting for this Coffee Of The Month the coveted India Mysore boasting a profile of orange juice, vanilla, and caramel!  Yummmm.India Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold is sourced from several family-owned farms from the Chikmagalur District in Karnataka, India. Many of the farms have been in operation for close...

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  • Jun13

    Coffee Of The Month and Millarville Market!

    Summer will have officially arrived once the Milllarville Racing and Agricultural Society opens it's gate to welcome shoppers on June 15th for the first Millarville Farmers Market of the summer.  From 9 AM to 2 PM the vendors will tempt us with yummy foodstuffs, unique crafts, plants, and coffee!  Crickle...

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  • May02


    We have a new Coffee Of The Month that has the following tasting notes:Almond, chocolate strawberry, and applesauce!...which makes it sound like a lovely dessert but really just boasts a pleasant and smooth character with low acidity.

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