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  • Jun04

    Colombia Finca El Silencio!

    Let's go to Colombia!This bean comes from the first farm I visited in Colombia situated at the top of a precipitous dirt trail.  This road was probably featured in the show: "The Most Dangerous Roads In The World" and I mutely clung to the sides of the open jeep the whole...

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  • May07

    Still Standing, Roasting, and Delivering!

    Let's go to Brazil! We are roasting the Brazil Barbosa for the Coffee Of The Month.  Danilo Barbosa is a fourth-generation coffee producer in Coromandel, Minas Gerais. The whole family works around the 490 hectares of farmland. The desire for innovation has brought great results with the fermentation experiments and the Honey processes. Lot...

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  • Apr02

    Delivery and Coffee Of The Month!

    As Joel in Turner Valley said: "You can just drop and drive! Oh, that's what you do anyway." So yes, we can bring you your coffee, ring the bell and run - just like we used to do when we were prankster kids. So funny! It doesn't take much to amuse...

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  • Feb23

    Honduras Comsa Organic!

    Introducing Honduras Comsa Organic! We have secured 2 bags and are looking forward to roasting this elegant, smooth, and nutty bean (don't know if I am describing us or the coffee but I like the way it sounds either way) in a medium roast.

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