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  • Aug25

    The Swiss Water Decaf Coffee Process: A Natural Path to Flavourful Decaffeination

    Coffee lovers who seek the perfect balance between rich flavours and a caffeine-free experience often turn to decaffeinated coffee. Among the various methods available, the Swiss Water process has emerged as an innovative and eco-friendly approach to decaffeination. At Crickle Creek Coffee, we're dedicated to bringing our clients the most...

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  • Aug03

    Episode VI: The Coffee Journey

    Greetings, coffee enthusiasts! ☕️ Today, we're thrilled to share our farm activities since June, with a focus on fertilization - the heart of our thriving coffee trees.We've completed two rounds of fertilization, using our nutrient-rich compost mix, Bokashi, in April and May. Additionally, we carefully planned three applications of more...

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  • Jul20

    Bolivia Organic COOP Bio Arabica

    Bolivia, a landlocked country nestled amidst the majestic Andes Mountain range, boasts a vibrant coffee industry despite facing several obstacles. The rugged landscape and remote location of the coffee-producing region, Caranavi, create logistical challenges for the farmers. Adding to the complexity is the competition between coffee cultivation and traditional coca...

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  • Jul13

    Delicious Carajillo 43 Recipe

    Attention all coffee and cocktail lovers! Get ready to experience the Carajillo coffee cocktail featuring Licor 43 which you can now source at a number of liquor stores in Alberta. The name "Carajillo" traces its roots back to the days when Cuba was under Spanish rule. Originally known as "Corajillo" (derived from...

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