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  • Apr22

    April Snows Bring May Flows?

    Sure that's how it goes here in Alberta...Here we are looking at the bleakness of snow falling and wondering: "What the heck?!?"  Spring still seems a possibility - the birds are a-twittering, the buds are a-popping, and the roaster girls are a-jumping thanks to the java we enjoy.  And we...

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  • Mar18


    With all the green beer we drank in celebration of the Isle of Eire, we need a wee coffee (or 3) to get a wee jump start!  With Spring pushing Winter meekly aside, we are thinking green and a fresh start and to that end we have a new Coffee...

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  • Feb11

    Rwanda Inzovu, CCCCold Weather Coffee!

    We have a new hero in town to save us from the nasty Polar Vortex:RWANDA INZOVU This delightful bean hails from small growers (less than a quarter of a hectare on each farm) in the Kigali Province. They cultivate Arabica coffee, almost exclusively of the bourbon variety and in 2008 the...

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  • Jan07

    Uganda Bugiso Organic

    Allow us to introduce for the Coffee Of The Month the Uganda Bugiso Organic from the Sipi region of Eastern Uganda.  We will roast it medium and it boasts all kinds of lovely nuances such as: full body with woodsy hints of sandalwood and cedar, clean, rich, and fruity with a touch of sugar-coated...

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