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Summer Vaca, Summer Market, Coffee Of The Month, oh my!

So much to keep up with in summer and we are introducing a new Coffee Of The Month (well, we've had it before but...). Hailing from the Sidamo region of Ethiopia (birthplace of coffee!) we have a complex and sweet smelling bean bringing syrupy fruit, marmalade, rosé wine and perfumed aromatics. It's always fun to try new coffees and Sidamo Guji Natural is a trip indeed - medium roast.

We are still holding on to the Colombia Peaberry because of it's sweet aroma and lovely smooth body.

Millarville Farmer's Market is open for business and we are there to sell coffee, hear all your latest jokes, and that's where you can play "Stump The Roaster".  Easily done as it happens...The market is open from 9AM to 2PM Saturdays and is worth the drive.  There you will find 210 vendors offering anything from produce to coffee and everything in between!

Big Red and the Coffee Heroine (AKA Queen Bean) will be heading out to La Belle Province for 2 weeks in August (6th - 18th August).  There, we will be seen waving to the locals as if we belong, and talking Quebec politics as if we know what the heck is going on.   During our absence, the Crickle Creek minions (Bruce and Larry) will be manning the tables at the Markets but there will be no deliveries. 

Deadline for orders before our holidays will be the 31th July 5:00 PM.   Any late orders will be accommodated upon our return (with bowed heads) during the week of the 21st August. 

Happy Summer!

Nancy, Kelly, Bruce, and Larry