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Good bye Summer, hello Fall! With a heavy heart vis-a-vis the abrupt end to a glorious summer, we are taking orders on these last few days of sun (and fun). Our thoughts turn now toward the coming Fall and all it's harvest glories found at the Millarville Farmer's Market (Saturday from 9 AM til 2 PM). It is bursting with produce and wares from the area and we're there hooking innocent shoppers into our evil coffee plan and making new coffee-aholics.  Come and see us if you dare - there is 1 more Saturday left in the Summer season and then it's gearing up for the Christmas Market season marathon in November.

We are roasting the Congo Kivu (Coffee Of The Month) in a medium roast boasting notes of passionfruit, melon and brown sugar - medium roast.  Saaweeet!

We are still holding on to the Colombia Peaberry because of it's fruity aroma and lovely smooth body - medium roast.

Although we have not moved, our post office has.  If you would like to send us money, post cards form far-away lands, and love letters, please address them to:

128260 - 2239 DRIVE WEST


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