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Colombia Finca El Silencio!

Let's go to Colombia!

This bean comes from the first farm I visited in Colombia situated at the top of a precipitous dirt trail.  This road was probably featured in the show: "The Most Dangerous Roads In The World" and I mutely clung to the sides of the open jeep the whole way.  My fear was replaced by wonder at this Eden-like finca until it was time to go back down...

 From the farm to the San Franscican Roaster!


Finca El Silencio located in an important watershed with forested areas that are home to several species of birds, reptiles, insects, and mammals including the region ́s famous howler monkey. El Silencio has dedicated conservation zones that protect natural springs and water sources as well. The total area of this farm is 16 hectares. It has 27,000 coffee trees planted divided in 5 lots for efficiency and to maintain the coffee production stable. Laura and her husband Cesar are a young couple, looking towards the future of coffee. They also have their own line of roasted coffee to promote the local consumption of quality coffee in the national market. They believe in running the farm in an agronomic sustainable manner and diversifying with other crops like plantain, corn and citrus fruit. Laura is working hard to differentiate her coffee by optimizing protocols for different flavor profiles and offer something new, differentiated, and exciting. This next generation of Colombian coffee farmers believe in the importance of learning, training and dedication to take coffee production to a higher level and make a difference for her and her customers.

Tasting notes: Hazelnuts, chocolate, berries, caramel in a medium roast.