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Still Standing, Roasting, and Delivering!

Let's go to Brazil! 

We are roasting the Brazil Barbosa for the Coffee Of The Month.  Danilo Barbosa is a fourth-generation coffee producer in Coromandel, Minas Gerais. The whole family works around the 490 hectares of farmland. The desire for innovation has brought great results with the fermentation experiments and the Honey processes. Lot 293 is a single variety coffee that harmonizes the identity of the Cerrado Mineiro and brings a bold body, sweetness with chocolate and caramel notes in a medium roast.

Yes! We are lucky to be in good stead, carefully avoiding any contact and generally being hermits in the roasting room and in our cars.  Our hair is getting long, we are becoming socially inept, and there's this little tic I've developed...but we're good...cue maniacal laugh...

Nicky Nicky Nine Door (ring the bell, drop the coffee, and run) is our new modus operandi which was really fun when we were kids - we still think it is so hilarious! 
It doesn't take much these days...snort, snort.