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Market Season, Summer Vaca, And Other Adventures...

Summer must be here because the vendors are straining at the bit to get their wares out to the Farmer's Markets everywhere.  After a hiatus of the non-market season where we lolled around purposeless on Saturday mornings, we now have a reason to get up!  We are at the Millarville Market Saturdays from 9 AM til 2 PM so come on down and test our coffee knowledge, tell us your latest jokes, and see how much we've changed over the year.

We've booked our passage to the far away country called Quebec and we will be harassing the Matriarchs, parlaying Ding-Dong, and eating as much Pain au Chocolat that we can stuff in our faces before being discovered by the self-indulgence denying cousins. Their eye-brow raising disapproval can easily be forgotten by the old G & T remedy so we'll survive handily.  All this frivolity will occur from August 1st to the 14th when we'll be closed for deliveries. Last delivery will be the 27 and 28 July and last orders will be taken on the 25th July.

Our new Coffee Of The Month is the Colombia Peaberry - yes it's back with all it's sweetness and light.  Deceivingly hearty with a cinnamon and apricot note, it pleases the palate with all the charm a smooth talking Colombian can offer in a medium roast.