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Hello Coffee Aficionados!

We're Baaaack!

We are slightly fluffier, slightly duntish but happy to get 'er done in the roasting room this coming week.  The holidays were full of fun and frolic with all the craziness that one can expect with unexpected guests overstaying their welcome, long lost friends (and family!) rekindling our mutual abhorrence for politicos and their inadequacies, heated debates (with glasses knocked askew), and ritual snow-face-washing the little-uns.

Big Red and Queen Bean regaled the entourage with tales of heroism and near misses (then a race downhill to change outfits before the authorities caught up) on the slopes, and much food and drink were imbibed by all (except the little-uns!).

We are still enjoying the Bali Blue Moon ($21/pound), and the Papua New Guinea ($19/pound) for a couple more weeks and the Cafe Noel and Xmas Blend are renamed Tres Amigos Medium and Light.

Happy 2019!

Nancy, Kelly, Bruce, Larry, and Lia