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The holidays are done and there is a trail of Christmas tree needles stuck in the carpet all the way to outside of the back door where the cause of it all lays forlorn and forgotten until Spring Solstice when, with great enthusiasm, we light it up in a blaze of fire glory.  We are half sitting, half laying on the sofa with that glazed, bloated look that can only come from the over-indulgent festive (read: festering) season. We were loud and obnoxious and ate it all with nary a care for the aftermath of such debauchery (Well, I speak for myself, at any rate). So now the time has come to straighten up and fly right and get to the business at hand - roasting!

All coffees will now be $19/pound and $10/half pound! I continued to hope that the USD and the price of coffee would go down but alas, that is just not happening.

We still have Bali Blue Moon on offer as well as the Cafe Noel (AKA Tres Amigos Medium) and the Xmas Blend (AKA Tres Amigos Dark) and Colombia Peaberry.

Reminder:  We re-use all the packaging if gently used and the tops are not ripped off - the bags are zip-locked only, not sealed.

Reminder #2:  Ordering by no later than 5 PM Mondays will guarantee happy roasters who will speak glowingly of said orderers as it is difficult to accommodate late orders.

Nancy Tynan, Kelly Hunter, Bruce Gammell, Larry Patterson