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Let it not be said of the coffee roasters that once the last order was fulfilled and they ran gleefully from the shop doors heading towards summer vacation pleasures, they would forget all about their loyal customers.  We have sunned and swam and partied with the rellies but are eager once again to kick down the sand castles and put away our floaties to once again fire up the roaster and get to work. Please grace us with your orders 'cause we're baaaaack!

The Colombia Peaberry is our Coffee Of The Month as we bulked up before holidays so we are happy to have another bag full. It is sweet and aromatic in a medium roast - a real crowd pleaser.
As always, please have your orders in before Mondays at 5:00 PM which makes us happy roasters while speaking glowingly of early orderers.
Should you like to return all packaging, we reuse unmolested bags ie: tops not torn asunder and flat is best.
Nancy, Kelly, Bruce, and Larry