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The Return Of The Coffee Titans

Although the natives are friendly here in Canada's far east (Quebec), the time has come to toss the tennis racquet and trashy novel aside, dust off ye olde roasters (Kelly and I), and get the minions back to work.  Yes, we have conquered all comers on and off the courts and are invigorated with renewed purpose to get the coffee to the people!

The following are the tasting notes on our new Coffee Of The Month:
Panama Baru Indian High Estate comes with a pointed and sparkling acidity, tobacco notes on finish, is complex delivering wine, tartness, melon, with a soft earthy note and caramel. Yikes! It is a medium roast and that is all I can control but is lovely and has a nice body without the aftertaste associated with acidic coffees. It is grown in the western mountains in the Boquete region close to the Costa Rica border and is a single estate farm.