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Spooky Kids!

"Double, double, toil and trouble.” After we fly our brooms around the roasting room we're gonna scare up a few beans to quench your coffee thirst with nothing but the straight goods (no pumpkin spice here). 

The Kongo Papua New Guinea is but a ghostly specter now and the next Coffee Of The Month hasn't arrived yet so....there is plenty to choose from in our coffee stable and we have no end of suggestions should you be stuck.  Call me!
Just when we're taking a grateful hiatus from the Millarville Summer Market, our heads snap up from the pillows to realize we are only 2 weeks away from the Christmas Market Marathon. Yes, we kick it off on the 7th November for 4 days back at Millarville and then three, 3-day weekends at Spruce Meadows.  after that, we will undoubtedly make our way to the nearest watering hole and dive into a boozy concoction of some sort.  Rum is the answer...What was the question?
We accept and re-use gratefully your packaging as long as they are not mangled, origami-ed, or otherwise disreputable and the tops are intact (we do not use a heat sealer, they are zip-locked only).  We like to think that we are helping lessen the dumping of plastic.  We believe!
New Policy - we will leave those un-re-usable bags for you to recycle...
Hard deadline for orders is Monday 5 PM but we are weak and will take late orders if we can.  No guarantees though.
Boo from the crew