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Rwanda Inzovu, CCCCold Weather Coffee!

We have a new hero in town to save us from the nasty Polar Vortex:

This delightful bean hails from small growers (less than a quarter of a hectare on each farm) in the Kigali Province. They cultivate Arabica coffee, almost exclusively of the bourbon variety and in 2008 the Cup of Excellence competition helped put Rwanda on the specialty coffee map. This is one of those coffees.   
Flavour Profile: Black tea, blackberry, and honeydew melon in a medium roast  
Whether we are working (or not) at the office or at home, we always wake up with the same thought: "I could have a cup of coffee if I get up...".  And it always works! I get up and am focused - coffee, coffee, coffee. What would you like to wake up to? One of your usual or something wild and crazy? We certainly have a big variety to choose from due to our enjoyment of all the different beans that we've bought over the years (Yikes, it's been almost 27 years!) and like shoes or bags, we can't say no.  So long story short (who are you calling short?), we have 15 different beans and more blends than is really wise.