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Rosie The Roaster and Her Shakespearian Tragedy Turned Into A Triumph! Plus New Coffee Of The Month...

After 28 years of faithful, consistent, and uncomplaining service, Rosie made some demands last week. Until those demands were met, she crossed her roaster arms and was standing fast. It seems she needed a new relay switch and wanted it sent from New Jersey no less! What a spoilty! So we were standing around looking at each other on Tuesday and shrugging.  Yes, it was a tragedy but we prevailed and Rosie will bend to our evil plan once again this coming week!  I believe her next plan is to get unionized but we will lay sanctions on her should that idea cross her mind.  I don't know who she has been talking to...
Coffee Of The Month
Versi Crivelent-Ferrero is a descendant of Italians who arrived in Brazil in 1912 to work on coffee plantations. She and her family continue to dedicate their lives to the coffee business and now their properties amount to 850 hectares that are governed with sustainability and environmental practices and claims awards for quality and for land stewardship. 
This bean boasts dried fruit, honey, chocolate, caramel, nuts, and brown sugar! Phew! It's a full meal.