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Papua New Guinea - A coffee with purpose

When Tim and Sharon approached Crickle Creek to tell us about their green beans and the story behind them, we tried the coffee, loved it and knew, right away, that we wanted to feature this amazing coffee as our coffee of the month. We are all about helping fellow producers; especially those who, like us, at our farm in El Salvador, are trying to make a difference in their communities and the environment. The coffee farming business is more than just producing great specialty coffees, it is about community, responsibility, perseverance and passion. Finding like-minded producers is always refreshing and a pleasure to work with.

Our new coffee of the month is from Amamas Coffee Inc. which buys exclusively from Jiwaka Coffee Ltd. Both companies are social enterprises with a commitment to improve the economic and social development of farmers in Jiwaka and Western Highlands Provinces of Papua New Guinea through personal connection and training.

Jiwaka Coffee Ltd recently undertook the massive task of installing a new specialty process eco mill. The ‘waterless’ process ensures that no polluted water from fermentation is returned to groundwater and streams. Environmental sustainability is a core value in this area of lush forests, crystal waterfalls and birds of paradise. They work with a small group of farmers from high-elevation villages in Waghi Valley of Papua New Guinea. Their small, 100% natural coffee plantations grow on their traditional lands under the canopy of lush rainforests in rich volcanic soils. They work closely with each farmer who participates in their community development projects.

The mill owner is Emma, a local of the Jiwaka province, who holds a Master’s degree in sustainable farming from Perth, Australia. She has created a social enterprise rooted in exceptional coffee, her dedication to the future of local farm families and her respect for the planet. Their vision is to facilitate health, harmony and productivity in the communities so that they are better equipped to pursue activities that add value to the living standards of their families and dignity to each person regardless of age, gender or education level.

*Amamas translation from Melanesian Pidgin (PNG trade language) ENJOYMENT…

We hope you enjoy our coffee of the month, the fruit of the labour of an amazing group of motivated small coffee farmers.