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Nicaragua Fara and Vaca Notice!

To the breach and beyond! Yes, Big Red and the Feisty Heroine are heading east on July 23rd for 2 weeks. There, we will parlay dingdong, eat mountains of pain au chocolat, and wander aimlessly about the compound with G & Ts in hand.  When I say we I am referring, of course, to the Queen Bean and I.  Big Red has other adventurous interests like felling foes left and right on the tennis court and being the mansplaining authority on all matters pertaining to, well, everything.
ORDER DEADLINE Monday, 19th OF JULY 5 PM - early orderers will be put on a pedestal and praised by the Crickle Creek roasting team!

We have a new kid in town:


Fara Coffee has been growing 100% SHG Arabica shade-grown coffee beans on their 3 family-owned farms: El Diamante, San Francisco, and Santa Rita in the mountainous rainforest of Matagalpa for 5 generations. Through the Fara Foundation, 100% of the proceeds go back to the community in healthcare, food assistance, education, and eldercare. Fara prioritized Rainforest Alliance certification to reinforce their aim to conserve ecosystems by protecting healthy soils, rivers and wildlife and promote dignified living conditions for farm workers and neighboring rural communities.  
Profile Notes: mild citrus, dark chocolate, black tea, clean in a medium roast


Phew! It's hot out there and a perfect time to try making cold brew coffee. The result is a smooth but hearty cup and can even be heated up should a hot beverage be required. 

Garry T suggested we put together a "How To" and a sampler pack so here it is:

In a mason jar combine 1/2 cup coffee (ground for the press) to 2 cups cold water or 1 part coffee to 4 parts water.  Let stand overnight then pour through a paper filter and Voila! This is a concentrate so it can be mixed 1:1 with cold milk, cream, Baileys, ice cream....

Sampler Packs include 4 pouches (4 ounces in each) of a variety of blends and roasts for kitchen alchemie purposes and they are $24/each.  Please let us know if you prefer ground or beans.


Just so you all know...CASH IS KING if that's a possibility for payment purposes at the door...cheques and e transfers are also good options.  We, of course, still take credit cards and paypal payments...there are so many ways to wrench payment from you for coffee!