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Next Coffee Up!

Cuba Serano

We've had this one before and it was so popular that it is back for a second try.  Smooth and uncomplicated in a medium roast with medium body and acidity. Perfection in a cup.

Coffee Shop Lingo

The next time you're in a fancy schmantsy coffee shop, order a "Cortado" (short) and see if they bring you a drink made with equal parts espresso and steamed milk in a small cup. Another one to try would be a "Espresso Urbano" made with brown sugar and hot milk and if you need a quick shot, try a "La Guima" (teardrop).

The best time of day to enjoy these beverages is reportedly mid-morning and mid-afternoon so as to not disrupt our natural cortisol levels (hormone activated due to stress and upon waking).

Well, Mr. Cortisol, I only get up so I can have a coffee - you're not the boss of me!