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My Coffee Set-up

Unlock the full potential of your coffee brewing journey with a concise yet essential list of must-haves and nice-to-haves. Regardless of the brewing method you prefer, these items will elevate your brewing experience and allow you to fine-tune your creations to perfection.

At the core of repeatability lies a game-changing must-have: a weight scale. Achieve consistent results every time by maintaining the ideal bean-to-water ratio. Adjust your brew to perfection by increasing or decreasing the ratio, adapting it to your preferences. My personal choice, the Jennings CJ 4000 scale, handles up to 4,000 grams with precision. For the ultimate precision, the Jennings CJ-600 with 0.1 grams increments is ideal. Although the Acaia scales are impressive, I prefer a simpler approach to keep my brewing process streamlined.

The next essential item to consider is a burr grinder. This investment enables you to extract the utmost flavour from your coffee beans. With adjustable grind sizes, you can cater to different brewing methods or enhance the extraction process. While high-quality burr grinders can be pricey, there are options in the $50 to $100 range worth exploring. Personally, I found the 1zpresso-Q2 hand grinder with stainless steel burrs to be a fantastic choice. It's not only adjustable and efficient but also portable, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.

For those passionate about pour-over brewing, a goose-neck kettle becomes indispensable. The precise control it offers enhances the pouring experience, resulting in exceptional brews. Whether you opt for an electric or stove-top model, brands like Bonavita and Kalitta offer reliable options. For a touch of sophistication, the Bonavita temperature control kettle allows you to preset water temperatures, taking your pour-over game to new heights.

Remember, even the most sophisticated equipment won't compensate for subpar coffee. The key ingredient is, without a doubt, the coffee itself. Ensure you select high-quality beans that align with your taste preferences and are roasted fresh.

Embrace the art of brewing and enjoy every sip of your coffee.