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Eeeps! 4 More Weeks Until Christmas!

Looking down at the barrel of the Festive Season's gun, we are standing, knees bent and ready.  Hear ye Hear ye! Place your order early and get organized. Our hard deadline before Christmas is the 20th December but we get all mushy inside when you place orders early for any week's roast which helps us set up the bean roasting roster.  After the final bag is dropped at your door, we will be laying on the carpet dreaming of plum pudding and pressies, making believe we are snow angels, and random snow-face-washing the kids (doesn't have to be our kids...).  Last roast and delivery will be for the week of December 22nd and then we will wipe our chocolate smeared faces and stuff our bloated bellies into our roasting duds and get back to it for the week of January 12th.

The Tres Amigos Dark is Xmas Blend and the Tres Amigos Medium is Cafe Noel (for December) to give a festive look to those blends.