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Delivery and Coffee Of The Month!

As Joel in Turner Valley said: "You can just drop and drive! Oh, that's what you do anyway." So yes, we can bring you your coffee, ring the bell and run - just like we used to do when we were prankster kids. So funny! 

It doesn't take much to amuse us...snort, snort.
Papua New Guinea Grade A will grace us with its' eminence as our Coffee Of The Month. It boasts dark chocolate, raisin, blueberry notes in a medium roast and is from the Simbu Province - part of a co-op comprised of 846 small coffee farmers. 
We are not (until further notice) taking bags back to be reused so keep them until the apocalypse has ended or recycle as you see fit.  

Hard deadline for orders is Monday 5 PM but we are weak and will take late orders if we can.  No guarantees though.  
Cheers, stay safe, and thanks for making our day!

Nancy, Kelly, Bruce, and Larry