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Colombia Peaberry, Millarville Market, Vaca Notice!

The revered Colombia Peaberry is making it's way to us this week and will be the new Coffee Of The Month for June.  We are of course delighted because it is sweet and smooth with a lovely spice and aroma in a medium roast.  It had an honoured place in the coffee stable last year until one shipment had to be returned due to an unfortunate percentage of rotten and broken beans.  Happily, this supply is as pristine and perfect as a snow-capped mountain and we hope to keep it coming well into the Fall.  We still have a few pounds of India Monsoon Malabar (smooth and pungent with a pleasant caramelized smokiness and spice in a medium roast) and we will adhere to  the "First Come, First Served" rule of roasting and ordering.  Upon ordering, should that Malabar be depleted, we will substitute it for the Colombia Peaberry 


Millarville Farmer's Market

There will be banners flying and fanfare blaring during the inaugural 2018 Millarville Farmer's Market on Saturday June 16th.  This day will be a grand affair commencing with the Millarville Half Marathon where runners of all stripes will puff their way into the Market and show off their achievement by purchasing mini doughnuts and downing hot coffee. We will be doing our own running show at the stall by donning sweatbands, jogging on the spot, and elbowing competitors.

Market hours are from 9 AM to 2 PM Saturdays - 16th June to 6 October

Summer Hols!!

We are going to escape the rigors of roasting and delivering from the 29th June to the 13th July.  Although Nancy will be absent, Crickle Creek Coffee will be still represented (in full regalia) at the Millarville Farmer's Market.  Should the coffee cupboard be bare, or a chat is on the menu, please make us feel loved by coming on down. Absolute hard deadline for orders and order changes before we shut down is Monday the 25th June 5 PM however, we show our appreciation for early orderers by nodding knowingly and putting those names up on the coffee pedestal. delivery is a C.O.D. transaction...if at all possible...I know...we would do it for free because we love it so much....but Mama needs a new pair of shoes!