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Great Coffee for the Great Outdoors

Camping and outdoor adventure season are finally here. If you are passionate about both coffee as well as the outdoors, like us, this article is for you. I must admit that one of the things that I most enjoy this time of the year is a cup of my favourite brew along with a breathtaking view. So long, that is, as it doesn't complicate things right?

Always trying to simplify things, I grind our coffee beans at home before leaving. Guillermo usually drinks a medium Half Caffeinated (Half-Caff) and I like to vary it up a little so we end up bringing two different coffees. My brother Alejandro, on the other hand, will bring his manual grinder wherever he goes. Even when backcountry camping, he will compromise a little weight, time and precious cargo space, rather than grind coffee beforehand. Sorry for the photo but I caught him red-handed last year at Lillian Lake Backcountry Campground. There he is, grinding and preparing his early morning coffee. HAHA

Fortunately, not much is needed for coffee other than the beans, almost boiling water, a brewing method and a mug. 

My dad, a coffee connoisseur that has been in the coffee industry all his life, thinking of the fact that we are always doing something outdoors in the summer, recently gave me an amazing and thoughtful gift, the Aeropress Coffee Maker - Go. As of that day, the Aeropress goes with me everywhere. (This is not an advertisement nor are we sponsored by company that makes it). I just truly believe it's the absolute best and I highly recommend it. Brewing method and mug in one.  It is super lightweight, it comes with a mug, and everything fits inside it for storage, is easy to clean, and makes a superb cup of coffee. Guillermo also takes it when he goes on his motorcycle camping trips.

For boiling water, there is not much fuss, but since I'm recommending the outdoor coffee gear I love, I have to talk about my favourite way to boil water. I have to admit that I don't have much patience, especially on cold mornings, so the sooner the water boils, the happier I'll be :). This is why I bought the Jetboil Flash. It is truly amazing how quickly it boils water. Easy to set up, everything fits inside, super stable, fuel-efficient and has a changing colour sleeve that lets you know when water is ready. My only complaint is the igniter. It is really fragile, so after my son dropped it after the third use, it stopped working. I'm Ok using a lighter to light it up but, be warned, in case you consider getting one. 

Let me know if you have any other recommendations to make a great coffee outdoors or have any other great gear you would like to recommend and I will be happy share with the Crickle Creek Community.

Enjoy your weekend,