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Christmas Vaca and Other Nefarious Pursuits!

As I write this, I am faced with a Christmas reality check - we are but a mere 30 days away! The home heart monitor is checking the racing pulse of the roasting room and has observed that we are pumping the coffee out with a vigor not seen since last Christmas.  Orders are coming in hot and heavy and we are grateful for a heads up with pre-orders for any week before our shut down (read: when we lie down in fetal position on roasting room floor).  We have it on good authority that Santa will reward your early coffee ordering organizational skills with your hearts desire Christmas morning. 

Our deadline for orders will be Monday 19th 5:00 PM.  We will be unable to take any late orders because our dance card will be completely full by then.

The lights will be out and the roaster silent from the 23rd December til our trumpeted return on the 9th January 2017!

Feisty Heroine and the Coffee Elves