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Deadline for the week's orders is Monday at 5:00 PM - late orders are difficult to accommodate and we speak glowingly of those who order early... The hard order deadline for roasting and delivering before Christmas is 5:00 PM, Monday the 18th December. After that our next Roast will be the 9th January.

We are continuing our Christmas training regime by doing a variety of jumping jacks, downward dogs, and deep breathing exercises. Well, I will be drinking coffee and thinking about all those moves...

Surviving that week of roasting and delivering is contingent upon getting all our ducks and elves in a row after which we will be shutting down for 2 weeks. For the first few days of our hiatus, we will be lying on our backs on the floor staring blankly up at the ceiling with arms akimbo. Then the rellies, tired of walking and talking over us, will give us the siren call to rum and eggnog and all will become Christmas as usual.  Yes, we will be snow-face-washing the kids (and their boozy parents), singing bawdy Irish Christmas songs, and generally embarrassing our kids and ourselves.  Watch for us on YouTube: #Dysfunctional Family Christmas (just kidding).

Panama Boquete has arrived in full regalia that includes a lovely sweet aroma of apricot, cherry and caramel. It comes from the family owned Casa Ruiz Estate who have been in the industry for three generations.  We will roast it medium to honour it's prized profile potential.

Although we have not moved, our post office has.  If you would like to send us money, post cards form far-away lands, and love letters, please address them to:

128260 - 2239 DRIVE WEST


T1S 3E9

For those who would like to come to the roasting room for mano a mano visits, we are roasting on Mondays and Tuesdays.  The shop is in a secret location in the Priddis area that can only be disclosed to special customers (you) and we may have to blindfold you on the way.  Just email or call us for covert directions should you be interested.  And who wouldn't?!?


Nancy, Kelly, Bruce, and Larry