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Bolivia Organic COOP Bio Arabica

Bolivia, a landlocked country nestled amidst the majestic Andes Mountain range, boasts a vibrant coffee industry despite facing several obstacles. The rugged landscape and remote location of the coffee-producing region, Caranavi, create logistical challenges for the farmers. Adding to the complexity is the competition between coffee cultivation and traditional coca leaf production, with the latter often proving more profitable.

In the midst of these hurdles, a remarkable story of perseverance and success emerges from the Yungas region. Here, the cooperative known as Cooperativa Agropecuaria Bio Arabica (Bio Arabica) has blossomed from the collaboration of twelve coffee-producing families with a common goal: to improve their farming practices. Today, the cooperative thrives with forty-two members, each tending to an average of 10 acres of coffee plantations. Together, they lend support, share knowledge, and embrace organic methods to elevate their coffee's quality.

Farming coffee in the Yungas region is a labour of love, where farmers diligently nurture their small-scale farms. The coffee beans are processed with the utmost care, often done at home. The de-pulping of coffee cherries is a handcrafted process, and the beans are carefully dried on raised screen beds, ensuring their unique flavours are preserved.

Despite the challenging terrain, the coffee from Bio Arabica embarks on a perilous journey along the infamous "Death Road" to El Alto, a neighbouring city to La Paz, where further storage and lot preparation occur before export to global markets. This arduous journey symbolizes the unwavering determination of the cooperative to share its extraordinary coffee with the world.

What sets this Bolivian Bio Arabica coffee apart is the flavourful fusion of Typica, Caturra, and Catuai varieties. It delights the palate with its light acidity, and as you savour each sip, you'll discover intriguing notes of cocoa, zesty lime, and a delightful caramel sweetness lingering on your taste buds.

Bolivia's coffee production may be modest compared to other coffee giants, but the journey and dedication of farmers like those in Bio Arabica exemplify triumph amidst challenges. Each cup is a celebration of Bolivia's unique coffee culture, where flavours intertwine with the spirit of those who cultivate it. So, sit back, savour the taste, and toast to the indomitable spirit of Bolivia's coffee farmers, for their labour of love continues to enrich the world with exceptional brews.

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