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In anticipation of The Big Guy landing on our roof, we are all a-flurry with nervous activity and buying up all the eggnog and rum that our local shops will sell us.  At the top of our wish list to the powers that be (read Santa!), is the fervent plea to our loyal customers to order often and order early.  Our last deliveries will be the 17th and 18th December and would appreciate advance notice for the big rush.  Orders should be in by Monday the 14th of December 5 PM! and no late orders can possibly be considered.  We will then shutter our roasting room doors for 2 weeks so that we may become as round as the rum balls that we'll be gorging on and as saucy as a turkey sandwich with gravy.  On the 4th of January 2016, we will change from cranberry splattered jammies to official roasting togs to once again roast for deliveries on the 6th and 7th January 2012.


Okay, so we've done it and received 2 bags of the Bali Blue Moon because well, it's Christmas after all.  It is a lovely sought after bean that is as rare as the name implies but comes in at $19/pound and $10/half pound.  It is medium roast, boasting deep cherry, chocolate, and low acidity. Just say Yum.

We are also enjoying the Cafe Noel that comprises the 3 Peaberry amigos (Kenya, Tanzania, Colombia).  They play well together with all the tang, body, and sweetness 3 brothers could exude during the holidays.  Scrappy and happy in a medium roast. To satisfy the dark-at-hearts, we combine the Sumatra, Brazil and Ethiopia for an across the globe humanitarian effort in unification and we will call this beauty Xmas Blend.   It is dark, heavy, and caramelized that encourages peace throughout the land.

Let it also be known that we do grind for Kuerig if you have a filter - no need to miss Crickle Creek Coffee if you've modernized your coffee station at home!

Reminder:  We re-use all the packaging if gently used and the tops are not ripped off - no need to abuse the bag as they are zip-locked only, not sealed.

Reminder #2:  Ordering by no later than 5 PM Mondays will guarantee happy roasters who will speak glowingly of said orderers as it is difficult to accommodate late orders.