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Crickle Creek Coffee is easing into our new image with a charming and user-friendly web page coupled with the latest in design efforts from Flipp Advertising.  They have coddled, coaxed, and cajoled us with charm and expertise transporting us from a dowdy and frumpy coffee web page to a highbrow and elite coffee roasters table.  Here we will enjoy nothing but the best in coffee talk describing notes of chocolate and apricot, with berry and saffron finishes.  Finally, we will grow up and be all our parents wanted us to be...right.  In reality, although we have become very posh on the outside, we are still the same coffee nuts (read beans) who get to the coffee room on Tuesday mornings with an agenda.  Firstly: the usual chitchat requiring anecdotes, gossip, and jokes.  Then serious discussions on new recipes segueing to the tasks at hand - coffee roasting and the new beans in and busy-ness in general.  There is banter, laughter, and the odd close call around the old coffee roaster that keeps us going all day until we bag the last order and fill our cars with that week's deliveries.

The old (read: so last year) logo will remain on our bags until final approval has been sanctioned on the new labels but the coffee will continue to be perfectly roasted and the deliverers fun and /or quirky as ever.  This busyness will resume on the 7th January as we are currently still blissfully unaware of the realities facing us back in the big smoke.  Kelly will however, be sending out reminders and call backs on Friday the 4th January.

We look forward to touching base with you all soon.