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Christmas Vaca – Woo Hoo!

Bring on the plum pudding and eggnog!  Yes, we are setting our sights to the festering season that allows us to eat and drink with impunity with the approval of friends and family.  We can overindulge for days, nay weeks, for it has been mandated by the Laws of Christmas Gluttony.  Of course the orgy always ends with the Calvinists standing over our bloated, chocolate smeared, candy canes stuck in our hair, selves saying cheerfully:  “Resolution Time! Back to the gym!”  Damn.

In the meantime, however, we are focused on roasting and delivering enough coffee out to sustain our eminent 2-week hiatus.  We will be playing Rummy Eggnog Twister (right leg on green – don’t spill your drink), bragging about skiing the chutes, sampling every cookie, and snow face washing the Grandparents from the 21st December to the 6th January.  No orders can possibly be taken past Monday, 17th December at 5:00 PM.

Should you be so inclined as to pre-order for any of the dates before Christmas, please know that we will sing your praises so loudly (albeit out of tune) that the Big Guy will put in extra effort to fill all your wishes on Christmas morning.  We have that much pull.