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Thanks go to coffee!

Coffee is a diuretic and helps with digestion so we'll need extra for medicinal purposes.  We are looking at the front end of the Turkey Coma Weekend with some trepidation as we have decided to submit ourselves to eating, drinking, and washing a boatload of dishes for 3 days straight.  We will try to play a little tennis as the weekend looks lovely but I suspect we will have a hard time getting our big bellies around the court with any speed nor be able to manage any finesse shots.

The Japanese have had a monopoly on this coffee for 20 years but a few bags fell off the truck and Carlos has appropriated them for our customers.  We are pleased to offer Colombia Emerald Mountain grown at 1600 meters in the foothills around Bogota.  It is clean and even characterized by it's creamy smooth profile with a berry and flowery fragrance. Medium roast.