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We're Back

We came, we ate, we conquered on and off the tennis court, and rocked the world of all our nieces and nephews.  Yes, the unsung heroes of Alberta return bloodied but unbowed and ready to fight (read roast) another day . Order Up!

Brazil has a reputation for crazy parties and high energy - perhaps it comes from enjoying their coffee so much.  We are delighted to offer their Fazenda Progresso that boasts roasted almond, milk chocolate, and a creamy body.

Reminder:  We re-use all the packaging if gently used and the tops are not ripped off (they are zip-locked only, not sealed).

Reminder #2:  Ordering by no later than 5 PM Mondays will guarantee happy roasters who will speak glowingly of said orderers as it is difficult to accommodate late orders. 

Nancy Tynan and Kelly Hunter