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Markets, Vacation, Coffee Of The Month! Oh My!

Yes, it`s that time of year where we get up off the roasting sofa, toss the horse racing programs aside (with one final bet), and meet our adoring coffee fans face to face.  We will grace the Millarville Farmer`s Market with our presence on Saturdays from 9 AM - 2 PM starting on the 13th June through til October 10th.  Airdrie Farmer`s Market will be thrilled to have us every Wednesday afternoon from 3 PM - 7 PM starting on the 10th June through to 7th October. There, we will get on our coffee soapbox and go on ad nauseum about the virtues of coffee (and other things we love, like other types of coffee) whether we have an audience or not.  We are that interesting.

After much debate and consternation, we have chosen the Nicaragua Organic for June Coffee Of The Month.  It will be medium roast and this is what Jeff Fleming (coffee broker) likes about the chosen one:

-grassy, spicy, tobacco aroma, earthy with some lingering citrus notes
-creamy, round body with mild acidity

We will be incommunicado during the period of July 31st to August 14th because Big Red and the Feisty Heroine have a secret mission in Quebec.  FYE only but they will be infiltrating the hallowed halls of celebrated cheese mongers, micro beer brewers, and extracting (by nefarious means) long-kept secrets of the local cuisine.  While BR and FH are swimming in maple syrup, the afore mentioned markets will be manned and womanned by our trusty sidekicks who will probably raise the coffee bar in Feisty Heroine`s absence.

Reminder:  We re-use all the packaging if gently used and the tops are not ripped off (they are zip-locked only, not sealed).

Reminder #2:  Ordering by no later than 5 PM Mondays will guarantee happy roasters who will speak glowingly of said orderers as it is difficult to accommodate late orders.