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Coffee Coffee Coffee!

After many months of sales scheming while laying about eating the stores of nuts and Pascal's Pastries (what pairs well with pastries? Coffee!), the little coffee chickmunks have come up with a few plans.  Some were immediately scrapped (gluing a giant steaming coffee cup to the top of my car didn't pass muster), some where pondered then scrapped (Kelly out on highway 22X with a Crickle Creek sandwich board), but one came to the fore and bit us.  We introduced ourselves at the Airdrie Spring Fling on the 11th April where we sold our fabulous coffee and droned on and on about how great we are.  This was a precursor to the Airdrie Farmer's Market that we will grace with our presence every Wednesday afternoon from June til October.  The Millarville Farmer's Market is also held during those months but on Saturdays and we will endeavour to hold forth with blah, blah there too.

Our new Coffee Of The Month is in!  Rwanda Gisuma grown by the Gisuma Co-operative in Rusizi District at 1600 meters. The co-operative has been working on improving the quality of their coffees since they started in 2009 finishing in the top 10 of the Cup of Excellence for the past two years.  It has a butterscotch aroma with savory flavour notes and a gentle acidity and medium body in a medium roast.

We do have a few pounds of the Flores Organic for another week and it will be first come, first served.  No fighting, kids. If we run out, we will substitute it for the new Coffee Of The Month as mentioned above.