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February Coffee Of The Month

The authority on winter says six more weeks of winter? Right. This is Alberta and winter will give way to Spring sometime in June I believe.  In the meantime, one can always count on a steady supply of coffee.

The Colombia Cauca is gone but we are delighted to bring back the Papua Peaberry for our Coffee Of The Month.  It is grown at the Kimel Estate in Banz, Waghi Valley of the Western Highlands located next to the Kimel River that provides clean water for both the workers (owned and operated largely by the Opais Tribe) who live on the farm and for washing the coffee.  It is processed using the Indonesian style wet hulling method which mills the parchment before it is fully dry.  The bean is then left to dry on tarps.  This method adds an earthy tone to the citric zestiness, and the caramelized, bold, and spicy profile. Medium roast.