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Christmas Vaca and Other Crazy Adventures

Once we got through the Millarville Christmas Market marathon, we hit the ground running.  Not for cover, but for the phone to order up the next best coffee for our Christmas specials and we've come up from the salt mine with some great ideas.  Okay, they were Kelly's ideas but in agreeing, I claim ownership too.   First, we have a blend of the 3 Peaberry amigos (Kenya, Tanzania, Bolivia) for our Cafe Noel.  They play well together with all the tang, body, and sweetness 3 brothers could exude during the holidays.  Scrappy and happy in a medium roast.
To satisfy the dark-at-hearts, we combine the Timor, Brazil and Ethiopia for an across the globe humanitarian effort in unification and we will call this beauty Xmas Blend.   It is dark, heavy, and caramelized that encourages peace throughout the land. Finally, in the spirit of acquiescence (and perhaps a little fear), we brought back the coveted Bali Blue Moon because if we didn't, it might get ugly around here. The angels dropped off a bag of this sweet and lovely Bali that pleases the palate and always sings in tune.  Even the devil likes this one as it is medium roast with low acidity, good body and well, perfect.

The last chance coffee order before we high-tail it for the hills, will be the 15th December for delivery that week - no late orders can possibly be accepted.  Following that final frenzy we will be sipping crantinis in the hot tub and eying the cheese platter with malicious intent.  Yes, from the 19th December through to the 2nd January we will be persona non grata and may need aliases for the holidays because you never know when an alter ego will come in handy.  What with knocking over the snowboarders on the bunny hill, face-washing the grandparents, and other naughty and nefarious deeds, one must have a quick-change at the ready.

If you are so inclined, order for any delivery date ahead of time and we will sing (out of tune) your praises to the Big Guy with the beard and red suit about how deserving you are.  We have that much pull.

Enjoy the season and we wish you all the best in the New Year!

Nancy, Kelly, Bruce, & Larry