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Bolivia Peaberry!

We are revving our cars up at the start gate with renewed vigor and elan ready to take on the coffee world.  Yes, the respite from the chain gang at the roasting room has brought us a dedication to the mighty bean not seen since the goats frolicked on the Ethiopian alpine meadows eating ripe coffee cherries lo, those many years ago.  And now, we are eager to man the roaster and with maniac glee, yell: "Order Up!
We have as a welcome home Coffee Of The Month the Bolivia Peaberry.  The acidity of this coffee is characterized by focused apricot and nectarine stone fruit, complemented by soft graham and honey flavors. A touch of butterscotch in the finish rounds out the cup for a very rich and satisfying profile.

We are at the Northland Village Market located off Crowchild Trail N.W. which is way out of our Priddis box but we have made friends up there and we now belong.  Find us there on Tuesdays from 3:30 - 7 PM all summer long.

Millarville Market is well under way and we are anticipating guffaws, lively banter and where the products are prolific. We will yak up a storm there from 9 AM til 2 PM Saturdays til the cows come home (October).  Bring your game.

It took us longer than most to be schooled and convinced to sell products produced in a sustainable and organic manner.  But here we are.  Without really trying too hard, we've been able to acquire coffees from solid sources that sell the profiles we enjoy and bonus! they are also Rainforest Alliance and Organic, or Fair Trade Organization.  These are sustainable producers who are good stewards of their land and have a passion for growing the exalted bean.
Let it also be known that we do grind for Kuerig if you have a filter - no need to miss Crickle Creek Coffee if you've modernized your coffee station at home.

We do reuse all the coffee packaging and to that end, we must reveal that although we are the latest and best thing since espresso, we do not have a bag sealer. Therefore, no need to shred the tops of the bags (fun though that may be) in order to get at the fabulous beans held within. Simply gently pry open the lips of the bag (sounds suggestive!) and lo and behold! Wonders and joy!