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I Love The Java Java And It Loves Me!

The above subject line is from a Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks tune that I have always loved.  I did not select the Java just so I could use that line but I have been waiting for this opportunity and it is so fitting.

Our new Coffee Of The Month is the Java Organic grown at 1600 meters on the Ijen Plateau in Indonesia. It is complex with good body, low acidity, and herbal aftertaste - think cocoa, molasses, and grapefruit.  It is slightly spicy and smoky but has a sweet impression overall - very smooth and supple in a medium roast.

Justin has given me some thoughts on marketing this week.  If your friends and family are drinking bad coffee, why not grab them by the arm and elbow their way over to our site with clear intent.  Take a stand because if they aren't drinking Crickle Creek, then they cannot possibly be enjoying their morning!  Call it Coffeegate.