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Summer Vaca and Coffee Of The Month

 Well, after all the craziness, we have secured a date to close down the shop for 2 weeks.  From August 2nd to the 16th, we will be parlaying en Francais and learning to whack da ball on the clay courts in the Laurentians.  We will then take our new skills back to the cottage where we will show those 85 year olds what it's all about.  They think they've got game.  Then it's gin and tonics and one-up-man ships and general wallowing in glory.

During that time, the Millarville Market will be manned by our boys who are happy to provide fun and games and coffee, of course.

This just in!  July's Coffee Of The Month - introducing Timor Maubesse Organic and Fair Trade (Hibrido varietal) that we will roast medium.  We have had it before and enjoyed it thoroughly because of it's low acidity, forest fresh, full body, berry finish and easy smooth profile.  It hails from Dili, East Timor and is grown at 1600 meters is wet processed and sun dried.

Tanzania Peaberry is currently SOLD OUT and we are replacing it with the Kenya Peaberry.  Grown at 1600 metres in the Southwest District of Thiku at the Mtaro Estate, the esteemed Peaberry has a rating of 90 points and is sweetly fragrant with mango, strawberry and spice.  It has medium body, high acidity and clean aftertaste in a medium roast.

We are thinking of all of you who are stranded and digging your property out - our hearts go out to you and wish you strength.

Should the unlikely event that we are unable to ford the rising waters to get to your door ei: Downtown Calgary, High River, etc., we can deliver to an alternate address (ark on the Bow?) provided upon order.  We will, however attempt access with the help of hip waders and/or a dinghy (rubber ducky included).