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May Snows...Coffee Of The Month

The Japanese have had a monopoly on this coffee for 20 years but a few bags fell off the truck and Carlos has appropriated them for our customers.  We are pleased to offer Colombia Emerald Mountain grown at 1600 meters in the foothills around Bogota.  It is clean and even characterized by it's creamy smooth profile with a berry and flowery fragrance. Medium roast.
Let it also be known that we do grind for Kuerig if you have a filter - no need to miss Crickle Creek Coffee if you've modernized your coffee station at home!

I have been sending this out for the past several weeks I'm sorry if you've already been assaulted by the repetition of this news:

Kelly's son Josh was killed along with 4 others on the 15th April. They were 5 individuals who played music, worked hard, laughed and thought of their upcoming exams and beyond.  Now they are silent. 

Email is not the best or most forgiving of methods to relay this brutal news but it is expedient and the least emotional way for me to get it to you all.  Thanks for your understanding.

As an aside, we do reuse all the coffee packaging and to that end, we must reveal that although we are the latest and best thing since espresso, we do not have a bag sealer. Therefore, no need to shred the tops of the bags (fun though that may be) in order to get at the fabulous beans held within.  Simply gently pry open the lips of the bag (sounds suggestive!) and lo and behold! Wonders and joy!