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Ethiopia Decaf

At Crickle Creek Coffee we carry four different Swiss Water Process Decaf coffees.
However, a customer that only drinks decaf, lamented the other day the fact that we highlight great and unique coffees every month (our coffee of the month) but nothing new is introduced on the decaf front.

There are several limitations that explain why it is hard to find new decaf coffees to choose from. For starters, there is not a great decaf selection since decaf coffee tends to be a small portion of overall coffee sales. Not just for Crickle Creek but for the industry overall.

Nonetheless, I feel important to expand our decaf offerings with other unique ones. So, I am glad to offer this month an Ethiopian decaffeinated option. I have actually been enjoying this coffee in the afternoons (which normally I would not do since I’m a two cups a day person…first one at 7am and second one at 10 am) for research and evaluation purposes. The coffee hails from the Sidamo region of Southern Ethiopia, which is one of the three trademarked coffee regions of Ethiopia. Fantastic coffee is produced in Sidamo given the high altitudes (1,550 to 2,200 m.a.s.l.), plentiful rainfall and fertile soil.  Sidamo is named after the indigenous ethnic group, the Sidama, who call the region their home. The coffee is hand-picked and washed and you can taste in the cup notes of berries, I taste a bit of cranberry, and honey. The overall cup is clean, well balanced cup with a juicy, smooth body.

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